Looking into the future

houseAs I was driving today I kept thinking of all the things I will need to do with my new house as soon as I arrive.

Like cutting a huge amount of grass for example. Its kind of surprising but I’ve never cut grass in my entire life.  I hope there’s no way to screw it up, wouldn’t want to become the laughingstock of my new neighbors. Oh gosh I still didn’t really introduce myself to the new neighbors. I suppose it would be polite. Not to even mention moving in all the furniture and arranging everything.

The house was really clean when we were checking it out but I’m certain my better half will force me to clean every inch of the house before we put things inside. I guess it won’t be that much of a struggle since its pretty much just lots of empty space. I should purchase some speakers, listening music always makes cleaning easier in my opinion.

Lets not forget going to buy drapes and similar items. As a man best thing to do would be to stay quiet and hope she decides quickly. I wouldn’t want to end up like one of those men in stores that look like they’ve lost their will to live.

All in all lots of work, but I still have a long drive ahead of me, and several days before our things even begin their journey across the states. Hopefully I will arrive in time.