Would You Sell Your Business to be a Writer? ?

nothing isworth itIf your best friend told you they were quitting their job or selling their business to become writer I’m sure you’d wanna smack some sense into them. One of my best friends has decided he wants to be a writer. And he’s selling his eCommerce business. I mean, why would someone leave a profitable business to embark on the uncertain journey of becoming an author? I love my friend alot, but he’s a stubborn asshole. What if he doesn’t make it? What if nobody likes his work?

I’m sure every aspiring author asks themselves those same questions. He’s just decided that it was worth it to try! And I support him 100%. You see, I’ve seen many people try their hand at writing in their free time, along with their regular day job. This is very dangerous. Writing is an art that simply cannot be pigeon-holed into regular “working hours”. So while you may have the discipline to write in your off hours, alot of people burn out really quickly.

Many people are under the misconception that you should just write when you feel inspiration. While that is great, it is not a good foundation for a business. If you treat your writing as a hobby and not a profession, you probably won’t do very well! I’m sure that if you invest your time and your imagination into creating something, you will have a much better chance of doing well than if you’re also trying to write, while worrying about the stresses of your 9 to 5.

The fact is, life is too short not to do what you love! This is one of the reasons I moved out here in the first place only to be turned down. It’s also the reason I haven’t settled for anything just yet. If writing amazing stories is your passion, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t go for it. So many people are concerned about the status-quo, that they don’t even realise that their life is ticking by. They miserably drag themselves to work every-day, silently wishing they could do something, ANYTHING else. Who wants to live like that.

Lots of people’s reason for not quitting is “job security”. Think about that carefully. How is your job secure when it depends on the creativity and the whims of someone else. I am the prime example of that. I had my hopes set on a job that wasn’t guaranteed for me. Not to mention that businesses fail every day. Remember Enron? That was a pretty big company! I wonder how secure their employees’ jobs were. What about those in the digital camera industry? Thousands of people are being laid off every day from businesses in dying industries.

Are you passionate about your job? If you are, then you should definitely keep working there. If writing as a hobby makes you happy, then go for it!

If you’ve read Tim Ferris’ book “The Four Hour Work Week” (haven’t we all!) then you know all about “Escaping the 9-5 and joining the new rich”. So many people are enticed by this dream, but they follow Tim’s advice blindly. So even though they may have set up online businesses, they’ve become trapped in a job that’s more difficult and even more time consuming than their 9-5.

Being the owner of a business, both on and offline requires you to wear many hats. You have to conceptualise, market, manage, and follow through with every single detail of your business or risk going under. My friend was pretty much drawn into the dream of operating a business, but deep down he  just wanted to write!

If you currently hold an unfulfilling, mind-numbing job, then the thought of leaving may not be so crazy! If you are the owner of an online business, you can read this great guide about selling your website profitably with a website broker here.

This entire post was just to say, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. My friend not only inspired me, but showed me that life is just way too short to do what you don’t love, no matter how much money is involved. And don’t feel bad if it isn’t your dream to run your own business and hop islands for the rest of your life. I enjoy working with teams of great people and I don’t mind not being in charge. That’s all folks! Till next time.