Trustworthy Companion

bikeI have realized while driving today that I always seem to get into some kind of trouble while driving around, but shockingly I still didn’t have a problem with my bike! Since someone reading this blog might be interested which bike am I driving I figured I would write about that.

For about last 16 months I have Trek Madone 3.5 and this bike is just a beast. Driving is insanely smooth, and the handling is very stable. I am not very knowledgeable about bikes but comparing to all others I’ve had in my life this one is better by far. I also have several gadgets.

For a helmet I use ICEdot Crash sensor, mainly because I enjoy driving long distances and this handy helmet sends alerts and my GPS location in case I end up crashing. Its nice to know someone will be aware and help out if things go wrong.

Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal is a must have for me because I hate flopping my hands around when I want to make a turn. I was very happy when I found out this existed.

Siva Cycle Atom is another must have gadget for me. As I travel long distances I might not want to stop somewhere to charge my battery, and that is where this little portable generator shines. It can charge any device over USB port, how awesome is that.

Lets see what else, I’ve recently added bikeSpike. Having such a pricey bike and all kinds of gadgets on it makes me want to secure it as much as I can. All in all bikeSpike makes me feel a little bit safer.I think that’s it. My trusty steed that has guided me for hundreds and hundred of miles.

Difficult Start

rainTalk about great luck., right from first day I encounter heavy rain as I’m passing Jersey City. Thankfully I am well prepared but that doesn’t mean it was comfortable driving during the downpour. As I’ve reached Parsippany¬† I decided to stop and get some rest, driving all day during the rain isn’t very fun after all. I took a cheap room for rest of the day and the night, hoping weather would be great next day and I could be on my merry way. I stuffed myself with junk food and went for my beauty sleep.

Next morning was absolutely terrible. I woke up with a headache and had to puke, barely even reached the toilet. Perhaps driving in the rain and then stuffing myself with junk wasn’t one of the best ideas I’ve had in my life. Thankfully I was informed by the motel manger that apothecary wasn’t very far from here. I walked there, stumbling the whole way praying for this agonizing pain in my head would stop. I picked up all kinds of pills, went back to my room and just fell a sleep from exhaustion. As I was waking up couple of times during the day to get some nutrients and medicine I kept thinking how this trip isn’t as fun as I was hoping it would be.

The next day, which would be right now, I felt quite a bit better in the morning. I’m quite certain I will be resuming my ride tomorrow, there are still tons of things I have to do when I arrive so no point in lollygagging.