San Francisco is Full of Beards, Flannel, and Fresh Food

beard oilThings have been going well, to say the least. I was right in assuming that my other half would insist on cleaning everything up to his white glove standards before we even unpacked a box.

Being unemployed allowed me to dive right into the housework and polish this place up.  It is such a beautiful home and James has decorated it perfectly.  He is so good at that sort of thing.  Give me a hammer and some nails and I know what to do, hand me a vase and I’ll just stare at it blankly.

We’re feeling more at home with being a gay couple now that we’re in San Francisco.  No one thinks twice about us holding hands when we’re shopping.  It is so nice being in an environment that is so comfortable with our lifestyle. You would think that people in New York would have been a little more understanding, but we didn’t live in the city.

Living in the city would have been too easy; we lived in an oddly conservative area in upstate. Once we unpacked I started scouring the web for a new job.  Luckily, while I was searching James landed a serving job in a swanky restaurant. We lived off of his tips and our savings for about a month before I found a job.  I ended up landing an even better job than the one we moved out here for. During the weekends we go downtown and look at the different shops and marvel at all strange people that make up the beauty of this town.

I noticed that a good deal of people have beards and wear flannel in this town, and they don’t even smell like garbage cans.  I think it is part of the hipster movement. I asked a particularly attractive server how he keeps his beard looking so nice and he told me he uses a product called beard oil from beardbrand. Maybe that’s what all these men are using. I still prefer the clean shaven look, but James seems a little envious of their facial hair.

I told James to just go for the beard.  I think it will look charming on him.

We planted a vegetable garden in our backyard this summer and we’ve been enjoying our daily harvests.  James is an amazing cook and nothing is going to waste.  The farmer’s market  in the area is amazing.  You can find the most unusual edibles there.  There is a mix of fruits, vegetables, salsa, jams and even honey that was harvested locally.  We didn’t have such a grand market in our old community.

We’ve been thinking about fostering a child and moving to possible adoption.  We have our first home visit with a social worker next week. James has gone into overdrive making sure the house is spotless.  We even set up a bedroom for a child using an awesome green palette.  If we end up fostering a boy we can mix blues in the décor, and if we foster a girl we can add pinks. I think we would rather have a child that is elementary age, than a younger child or baby.  In reality we’ll take any child.  We have so much love to give we just need a recipient.

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