rosieI have reached Cleveland! Why Cleveland you might be asking. Well in short my grandmother lives here, and what kind of a person would I be if I didn’t stop by and spend some time with her, share some information of my glorious adventure. Especially since she was the one that pretty much raised me considering I’ve lost my parents at a very young age, and yet I’ve never became batman 🙁

My grandma is a strong sturdy woman. I was a mean little kid but she was meaner, always had something up her sleeve that would make me rethink my actions. What I am impressed the most by is that she never showed any sad emotions, like when our dog died. She had that dog longer then me back then. Spent time with it, played, slept, nearly even ate at the same table. And when he was gone there wasn’t really a big fuss about it, but you could feel something missing.

Recently when her husband died I figured she would be devastated, that I would see her cry for the first time. In her eulogy she said “He promised me he would stay by my side till the day I died, and that we would be reunited again in afterlife. I’m still here Harry, what the hell?!” Even in the most painful moments of her life she is strong, looks on the positive times, and makes everyone smile.

I hope my wife finds me half as strong as my grandma is. After all I cried like a baby during Bambi, not to mention Lion King.


  1. monica says:

    My grandmother had same personality, she kept all negative emotions hidden. I’ve never met anyone else like that. Its very nice that you visit her, grandmothers same as mothers always love to hear from their little ones 🙂

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