Rant – Fines and iPhones

stressI had just arrived to Iowa City, got pulled over and fined $50 for not driving in bike lane. I wouldn’t have any problem with that if I was ABLE to drive on it. There was some kind of constructing being done which prevented me from following the line so I went on the road to avoid it, passing by a cop car. Naturally the bastard didn’t care and decided to punish me for not being able to drive through solid objects.

Police officer that stopped me should be educated in something called common sense. I don’t realize how someone who has sworn to protect and serve spends his time in car drinking coffee and pestering people.

After that I received a phone call that my new job position wasn’t available anymore, including apologies and excuses. What the hell I just bought a house and moved across the country for that job. Now I’ll end up with a huge house and no income. I have no idea how to deal with this situation. I guess I can pretty much spend every night on my way there applying for jobs. God I am so freaking upset, jobs are freaking hard to find these days. Lets hope lady luck will be on my side.

Whilst I’m ranting, HOLY SHIT – my phone carrier SUCKS! How hard is it to provide decent coverage?? Riding across the country is tough. The last thing I want to worry about is whether or not I’m going to be able to get reception and call my family if something happens to me on the road.

Which it did. And I couldn’t.

I tried demanding to be released from my contract but they wouldn’t do it so I just got my iPhone unlocked and left them. Yes, I technically still owe them money but if I don’t pay them, what are they going to do? Where are they going to get the cash from? Bill me?? They’ve got my old address!

TAKE THAT you piece of shit phone company. Maybe that’ll teach you to provide better service.

Rant over. I feel better 🙂


  1. Marty this is horrible news! I don’t even know what to say but I felt like I should write something. I really hope you find another job very soon. You seem like a nice guy.

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