Travel Inspiration, Thanks to Netflix

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As many of my readers must have realized by now, I’ve got a pretty good case of what the old-timers call “itchy foot” – my good friend, wanderlust! I feel like the world is open before me and all I have to do is decide where my trusty bike and I are off to next. The thing is, sometimes it’s just too hard to choose by myself, so I always appreciate recommendations for the best travel destinations!

During a few hours of downtime I enjoyed earlier today, I found myself browsing through the vast category of travel films, documentaries, and series you can watch on Netflix anywhere and anytime, if you have a VPN. Spellbound, I watched incredible footage of oceans, forests, cities, amazing landscapes, and enthralling foreign cultures presented by National Geographic. Then I got started on the Travel Channel’s series of food, tourism, and American legends, and I was lost in the possibilities.

Let me tell you, readers: I’m inspired. There’s so much out there that I’ve never seen and never done, so many places and people and experiences that I’ve only dreamed of encountering. And the potential adventures, right here on my home continent of North America, are virtually endless.

Should I cycle from Canada to Mexico, from the chilly northern tundra and pine forests, down through the Rocky Mountains, all the way to the deserts and the Gulf? Should I explore the hidden back roads of America, traveling only on my trusty bike (or maybe the ol’ thumb, when the weather gets a little too nasty)? Perhaps I’ll try every late-night diner along the way, visit every museum, or simply witness the array of oddities and range of geographies that North America has to offer.

Or should I brave a real pilgrimage and buy myself a one-way ticket to the furthest reaches of remote Asia, the narrowest streets of Europe, maybe the highest mountaintops of South America? Should I willfully strand myself in a strange land to face a whole new world of sights, sounds, and tastes? I know it’d only be a matter of taking that first big step, past that mythical “point of no return”.

I can’t shake the feeling that hundreds of countries, thousands of cities, millions of people, and countless new sights are waiting for me just over the horizon. All I have to do is take that first step and I’ll hit the ground running (or in my case: rolling!). Every day is a new chance to start something that will change my life forever.

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